Ohara Outdoors

Bed Maintenance

Keep garden & flower beds clean

O'Hara Outdoors provides a detail-oriented approach to bed maintenance, tailored to your landscape needs. Our conscientious crew of plant specialists, utilize their many years of experience to enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor spaces through efficient techniques, modern equipment and dedication to exacting standards of quality.

Initial Spring Service

Our first step to freshen up your beds in the spring and prepare them for a full, healthy season. Our initial spring service includes a meticulous clean-up of all plant material, weeds and debris. Bed edge redefinition, shrub trimming and mulching with premium, double ground, hardwood mulch is also completed.

Request an application of pre-emergent herbicide to maintain weed free beds, long after the initial clean up.

Bed Maintenance Plan

We understand each property has very specific needs and offer a wide range of personalized care packages to maintain your landscapes charm, throughout the entire season. Each package includes weeding, shrub and small tree trimming, bed definition, ground cover and perennial plant care. More individualized options are available to meet your property's needs.

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