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A perfect lawn starts with a healthy lawn

O'Hara Outdoors knows that a critical part of keeping a lush, green, weed free lawn is proper and timely application of fertilizers and weed control. Our certified and highly trained lawn care specialists are here to help.

Using organically based fertilizers to improve your soil profile, preventative weed control techniques and the best application technology available, helps us maintain your outdoor spaces at their optimal beauty all year long.

Our six-step lawn program is designed to eliminate weeds before they appear and provide the perfect nutrient balance throughout the entire growing season and includes crabgrass prevention, broadleaf weed control and optional grub / insect control. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff is diligent and proactive in their approach to turf pest and disease control. Our detail-oriented approach identifies any issues and presents the most efficient, effective plan to the property owner for approval before implementation.

Lawn Health Care Services

Our weeding services are not only comprehensive and top-notch, they are affordable as well. In fact, all of our services are affordable. We take great pride in offering competitive prices for our services. And we make getting a quote a simple, user-friendly process.

Weed Control
Grub & Insect Control
Over Seeding
Preventative Sprays
Nutsedge Control
Hard Surface Weed Spray
Bermuda Removal

Happy Plants are
Healthy Plants

The health of your trees, shrubs and plants is another critical factor in the overall beauty of your outdoor space. O'Hara Outdoors can assist you with the maintenance of these integral parts of your landscape through our detailed plant health care program.

Plant Health Care Services

Our expert property management team will visit your home and present a personalized maintenance plan that protects and preserves the well-being of your various plants through the whole year.

Dormant Oil Application
Fall Deep Root Feeding
Grub & Insect Control
Holly Leafe Miner Treatment