Ohara Outdoors


There is an art to mowing and we've mastered it.

Mowing typically starts in April and runs through November. The service can be adjusted to your preference and sudden, seasonal changes.

We strive to mow with as little disruption to the health of your landscape, as possible. We do this by keeping mower blades extra sharp, for the cleanest cut and removing the top third of the grass. Top of the line ExMark Stand-On Mowers keep our crews efficient and provide clear line of sight, while your lawn is mowed.

Our professional mowing team will make sure your lawn is manicured uniformly on a weekly basis. All debris will be cleaned up and removed before mowing begins.

Rest assured, areas inaccessible to our professional mowers will be string trimmed with precision. All grass clippings will be blown off paths, sidewalks, driveways and other hard surfaces.

How do we get those beloved
lawn stripes?

Basic Lines

A classic that always looks top notch.


A clean mow that's sure to wow.


One of the most unique mows.

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